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Some amusing questions....

Throughout my 5 or so years of needle felting I have been asked some really funny questions, that deserve a mention here. I will be adding to them, no doubt, over time. Here are just a few.

This was in response to some Poodles I created, along with my secret (Emoji) responses...

'I'm looking to add a new line to my group. PM me if you have any available, females.' 😂

'Please tell me you ship to the States. I need some new bloodlines like yours.' 😁

In response to some of my German Shepherds...

'What are you doing creating such small German Shepherds? That's so wrong!' 🤣

'When is your next litter due?' 😂

'Is the father for sale?' 😂

'Oh, does he need a home?' 😗

'I just couldn't get my head around the dog and the cat together!' 😹

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