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How your "feltie" is created

The start

Each sculpture starts with a simple wire frame or armature, which is made from three separate lengths of wire and is adjustable if necessary.

Adding first layer of core wool

The first layer of wool is the most important as it adds a strong base onto which is added the structure and shape

Taking shape

This process can be time consuming, especially for a shorter haired dog as shape and detail is formed

It's all in the detail

Adding little details such as paws makes the sculpture take on a life of its own


If a feature of the dog, bespoke nails can be added

Working on the face

This part can take some time to get the right expression, with eyes, and ears and maybe an open mouth,


Starting to have some character


Getting the markings and features just right takes time.

After many cups of tea, they start to take shape


The detail is in the eyes


Not a brilliant photo, but getting there


Needle felting a lot of detail often results in "shrinkage" in this instance making the long muzzle shorter, so major surgery is necessary.

Adding a coat

Once the shaping and head are completed, if it is a long coated animal, a coat has to be added. This is done almost fibre by fibre and takes as long as the shaping.

The finish

Once the coat is added it must be clipped and shaped. Over finishing touches are added at the end.


This collage of photos shows the creation of a Chihuahua.


Sometimes my felties seem to take on a life of their own and refuse to endure further torturous stabbing!


It's very satisfying to add the finishing touches. One of my favourite creations.


Chihuahuas in the making having a discussion over who is going to be the prettiest!


Finished and ready for their new homes. They all look rather pleased with themselves.


It's nice to get the look of approval from one of my critics, Smonks. Check out her claws at the ready!


I often feel like a dog groomer.


This one has to be told to keep still.

I also create bespoke accessories such as collars and leads. Here are some examples.  For more information and more examples, please visit Pricing & Information page.

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