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It is with excitement and trepidation to announce that I have signed a book deal to write an advance "how-to" needle felting book. It will cover a handful of breeds and will explain, from start to completion how to needle felt dogs like mine. I know it will mean a lot of hard work, but I am up for the challenge. I shall also be giving away some of my secrets, so watch this space. Exciting times ahead and I hope it will set a few tails wagging. :-)

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These series of photos show a little of the creation of a Chacma Baboon. From the first body covering, creating the head, feet and hands and attaching the fur. I am constantly amazed just how versatile wool actually is for achieving realism. For this commission, the fingers and toes were a first for me, so I had to find a way to create them life-like, but without all the fuzziness created by tiny details in wool. Forth photo highlights this problem. To help with this, felting wax was used to cover the fingers at toes and underneath the feet and hands. Felting wax keeps all the stray fibres locked into the shape you create, clearly shown in forth photo. It tidies everything up nicely and gives a sort of realistic sheen, that is a baboon's feet and hands. The newly created baboon, when finished was able to go and say hello to his new friend for the long journey over to the USA. They both arrived safely. They were commissioned by a customer who's daughters had volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, to help nurse babies who had lost their mothers. These two were created as a keepsake. The felting wax was from "Mum's Makery" who are great value and a pleasure to do business with.

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Throughout my 5 or so years of needle felting I have been asked some really funny questions, that deserve a mention here. I will be adding to them, no doubt, over time. Here are just a few.

This was in response to some Poodles I created, along with my secret (Emoji) responses...

'I'm looking to add a new line to my group. PM me if you have any available, females.' 😂

'Please tell me you ship to the States. I need some new bloodlines like yours.' 😁

In response to some of my German Shepherds...

'What are you doing creating such small German Shepherds? That's so wrong!' 🤣

'When is your next litter due?' 😂

'Is the father for sale?' 😂

'Oh, does he need a home?' 😗

'I just couldn't get my head around the dog and the cat together!' 😹

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