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A Needle Felted Hatchiko sitting on a woollen base. He is 26cm tall from base to top of head. 

He has been created using reverse felting technique and has a clay nose and nails and bead eyes.


Hachiko was a Japanese Akita and was famous for his loyalty to his owner Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor of agrculture at Tokyo University.  Hachi would duityfully see his owner off to work at the Shibuya train station, in central Tokyo and would be waiting for him at the station exit when he returned home. One day in 1925, Ueno didn't return home, having suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at work.  He didn't survive. But that didn't stop Hachi from waiting for him to come home every day for hours at the train station. Hachi then lived with the former gardener of the Ueno family, and for the rest of his remaiing ten years of life, Hachi continued to go to the train station every morning and afternoon, waiting patiently for the return of his master.

Needle Felted Hachiko Dog

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  • This product is made from wool and is not a toy and should be kept away from dogs and cats. I have no responsibility for any damage caused by children or animals.

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